Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bass ready to roll

He's learned how to play in the juco level, the Big 12, now junior running back J.J. Bass is going to get a big taste of another level of football, Big 10. Bass and his Cyclone teammates host the Hawkeyes this Saturday for perhaps the biggest game of the young back's career. For the past week, he says teammates have been feeding him history on the big game.
"I've been getting it from guys all the time," Bass said. "Before I even got here, they were telling me, Iowa game, Iowa game."
What Bass has probably heard most about it is the Iowa defense which held Syracuse to just 103 total offense yards last Saturday. Coach Gene Chizik was impressed with it, but after watching tape, Bass wasn't phased.
"I think we're ready," he said. "We size up well with these guys, they put on their pads the same way we put on our pads. I really don't see much of a difference."
The difference is Iowa is 2-0. Iowa has beat the lower conference teams.
Bass, who transfered from El Camino Community College will get his first taste of the rivalry. Just hours after the Panther's 24-13 win, Bass talked to reporters about how excited he was for his first game. He was happy. He was energetic. He couldn't stop pacing. He was also confident.
"I've very pumped right now," he said. "Just watching the film, seeing all the big plays you made, we're going to put it all together this weekend. I've got a really good feeling about this game."
The Hawkeyes are currently 17 point favorites to win.
Bass thinks they can do it, do you?

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